Saturday , June 10 2023

They discover an unknown region of the human brain


There is an area in the brain that I have not known before. This is what Australian neurologist George Paxinos said, according to Science Alert. The expert and his team are developing a new atlas of brain anatomy.

Scientists have called the area like "endo-restiform nucleus", because it is inside the (endo) lower cerebellum peduncle (also called the restiform body). The area participates in the reception sensoryand engine to maintain balance and body movements.

Neuroscientists have come up with the brain structure while using a the technique of brain tone relatively new to clarify the images of brain tissues in the full task of developing his last neuropathy atlas. This technique helps differentiate neural groups by its function, which contrasts with their traditional way of separating them according to cell appearance.

Paxinos, who has written 52 books on brain mapping, plans to continue using this new tuning technique to search for the brain more fragments and better understand how it works.

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