Thursday , June 8 2023

They ensure that UniCABA is a change of "high impact" in education – the Porteña Legislature


Julian César Durand, Dean of the Australian University of Education, defended the creation of the Didactic University and ensured that through appropriate public policies it would be possible to "articulate" the educational projects of all existing institutions.

After the Buenos Aires Legislature approved Thursday the creation of UniCABA, Julian César Durand, Dean of the Australian School of Education, considered the initiative to create this new Higher Education House, which will co-exist with existing teacher education institutions and assured that it is "a great bet for a change in the high impact on education".

In this regard, Durand considered that "the government's initiative to move the educational agenda, including some risky leadership in the city, is an example to the rest of the jurisdictions" and stressed that "creating the teacher's university may be to consider the first big bet a change of strong impact in education after decades of cosmetic statements and changes. "

"The existence of a large number of teacher training institutes is a true anachronism, difficult to find in other parts of the world, it is still called non-university higher education, it is difficult to find a more stigmatized denomination," he added, that "in almost all countries a century ago, normal schools have been transformed into more or less comprehensive, private or state universities, mainly contributing to the positioning of the professorship as a valid occupational option."

Regarding the changes that the proposal made since the accession to the Buenos Aires Legislature, the dean said that "a significantly improved version was voted on in the first proposal, giving the new institution a more academic character, giving him training and allowing other training proposals according to current times and a future of changes and uncertainties already established "and insisted that" the idea of ​​absorbing or merging the 29 existing institutions, many with a long history and recognition, abandonment or moderation. "

"With appropriate public policies and incentives, it will be possible to articulate the educational projects of all existing institutions, to decide in an accountable way each academic community on the resources that the society assigns to fulfill its mission," he underlined. argued that "Evidence accumulated so far indicates the need for important changes to address the new educational context and the resounding failure of the current institutes to respond to these challenges."

Finally, Durand considered that "it is worrying that, in response, the unions have resumed their traditional extortionist practice: the violent demonstration does not seem to be a way of exchanging ideas and proposing the alternative to overcome what they consider" and condemned "the real emphasis that must not be neglected is the authentic professionalism that leads to the social recognition of the profession of professor."

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