Saturday , June 10 2023

They found a Sun "twin" and I think there could be another planet Earth – Digital AIM


The stars are almost never born alone. They make it in groups, can be thousands of members, and in 85% of cases they are accompanied by a twin: another identical star formed at the same time and from the same materials, inside gigantic dust and gas clouds that we know as " hot fires. "

After a year of search, a group of astronomers found "Twin of the Sun", the star 186302 of 184 light years on Earth, which has the same chemical composition of the Sun and was born of the same cloud of gas and dust gave birth to our star.

Its discovery was described in the Astronomy and Astrophysics journal by the Portuguese Astrophysics Institute led by Vardan Adibekyan.

For years, astronomers have been watching twin sunsets, Ansa Isabella Pagano, of the National Institute of Astrophysics (Inaf) in Catania, Sicily, told the agency.

Adibekyan pointed out: "The sun does not have one twin, but many and their individualization can help us understand where it was in the galaxy and under what conditions it was formed."

Researchers examined about 20,000 stars scanned by the Gaia satellite of the European Health Agency (ESA) and selected the most similar to the Sun. And of these, the most identical was HD186302 depending on size, temperature, composition, brightness, and mode where it moves into space.

Steaua seems to be cohesive to the Sun, which has 4.5 billion years, but researchers admit that "other studies are needed to better calculate age."

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