Saturday , June 10 2023

"They want to control the population"


In his program "Faith Moves the Mountains" Gisela Barreto have released dangerous statements about public health and vaccination. She clarified that vaccines generate "autism".

"One listens to all the vaccines and is frightened, there is an attack on children by health officials," Barreto said.

Then he continued with the mandatory nature of the vaccination. "It forces children to vaccinate when they should be volunteers, we should say yes or no according to what they are investigating, the purpose of the new order of the world is eugenics and vaccination, they want to destroy and control the population," he said he.

But they further clarify: "They reduce the intellectual level of our children (with vaccines)." They go directly into the children's brains in the first year of life, measles vaccines produce autism in children, it is proven. "…?

Barreto and his theories

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