Tuesday , April 20 2021

"This is all," Pablo Novak denied Andrea Campbell and defended Darths

The social condemnation that lives Juan Darths after the criminal and public complaint made a few weeks ago Thelma Fardn for the violation, opened the debate, and many artists expressed their opinion about the young man's testimony, which received massive support in the media and social networks. In the midst of the scandal, there has been a wave of denunciations of gender violence, harassment and sexual abuse of some celebrities, and some have referred to their experience in collaborating with the actor.

Self-exiled in Brazil, his native country, a few days before Christmas, Darths is experiencing one of the most difficult moments of his life. Although in an interview with Mauro Viale he completely denied the version of the events that took place in Nicaragua in 2009, he could not reverse the situation. And the scandals do not stop him from persecuting him, because in recent days he has been charged again against him.

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Is about Andrea Campbell, the actress and commissioner is encouraged to talk and relate a difficult time she has to live with the protagonist "Ugly Duckling". Once, at dinner with my friends, I was on my back and presented, she told me we were going to eat and I was left with my tail. He immediately laughed and said he confused me with his wife. Mara was there and she was there, Andrea's relationship in the "New Morning" cycle.

Juan was a seducer. I interviewed him on the radio and I was shocked to see seduction, knowing he had a woman. Then he remembered the strong statement he made about the actor and said, "I'm doing what I want," the journalist admitted, and was unhappy to report the episode in which he was the protagonist and the recent allegations appeared, Juan Darths.

To everyone's surprise, in the last few hours I came out to talk about it Pablo Novak, Campbell's former husband, who denied public accusation. Interestingly, he minimized the situation, defended Darths and questioned the words of his mother's mother during an interview with the Chismoses program (Net TV).

"It seems to me that he does not have much relevance, today he sees with the magnifying glass everything that comes from Juan, because he admits he is wrong." Today I met Andrea and asked, "What did you say?" of friends and see each other very much, we know Juan very much and there is not, I think today we are talking about it, "he said to Augusto Tartfoli's surprise and other commentators.

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