Wednesday , May 31 2023

This scanner offers body images in 3D!


Researchers from the University of California (Davis) and engineers at United Imaging Healthcare, based in Shanghai, after 10 years of activity, presented the first complete medical scanner.

The images you can take are nearly 40 times faster than the images you can now take with traditional axial tomography. This new tool can capture 3D images of the entire body in just one scan.

EXPLORER, combines PET tomography (X-ray tomography) with X-ray (CT) tomography, and according to creators will have many applications that will further improve the system.

EXPLORER also promises the new type of diagnosis through images, for example, measuring blood flow when studying glucose, because real-time can be measured across the body. And while there are several tests and checks missing, Cherry, a collaborative scientist, believes it will not be long before these types of cars start to be purchased by hospitals around the world.

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