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Three gangs of juveniles are in control of thefts of La Rana


One of the entrance streets of the village of La Rana in the party of San Martín

The location in Villa Ballester was a historic retreat for armored thieves, but now groups of adolescents cause fear among neighbors, the title in three lines bcnzx m, bncz abc vbnzxm, vbcm

Thirty years ago, Luis Valor "Fat" ran on the corridors of La Rana to recruit the "soldiers" for the superpowder of bank robbers and armored commanders Quico Chavez, Carlos "Cabezón" Soto and Pablo "Tato" Ruiz. Currently, this complex settlement of over 15,000 people has ceased to be a resistance of super-bands and has become the domain of several groups of aggressors composed of young people not exceeding 20 years of age. "One of the factors that accelerated this change was the drug, many of the boys who went out to steal, do it to get money and meet the vice," one of the neighborhood leaders said.

There are two other factors that have led the La Rana Villa to be an important point of conflict: its location, in an urban area and near Villa Ballester, the residential area of ​​the San Martín party. It is 40 blocks from General Paz Boulevard, within a perimeter delimited by the streets of Dorrego, Entre Ríos, Rosario and Joaquín V. González.

The frog is one of the 60 villas that exist in that game. It is also one of the most dangerous, along with "El 18", the villa of Miguel Ángel Villalba, alias "Mameluco"; Cárcova, Korea, Hidalgo, Loyola, Independencia and 9 de Julio.

In September 2001, textile entrepreneur Abraham Awada, first lady's father, Juliana Awada, was kidnapped ten blocks from La Rana when he left the San Andrés Golf Club. Felix Nicolás Díaz, alias "Boli," the gang leader who kidnapped the father-in-law of President Mauricio Macri, recruited several members of the La Rana group and moved with a limousine between the villas of Korea and Cárcova.

Due to the geography of the labyrinth corridors, the big bands of attackers and rappers chose La Rana to keep their guns and keep captive victims. But with the advent of traffickers such as the Chazarreta Band, these shelters have become drug bunkers.

Currently, the criminal environment of La Rana is atomized and anarchic. In the neighborhood there are coexist groups that are committed to commit looting in the "piranhas", entraderas, bench, motorcycle and escruhantes.

Criminal leaders

In the midst of chaos, three criminal groups, known as Bahía Blanca, Bermejo and "los de Cocki" or "Joaquín V. González" band appear. The head of the Bahía Blanca gang is a minor identified as "tooth." Members of this group are committed to theft in piranha mode. Two of them were arrested for filming Alma, a four-year-old girl who was injured when offenders surrounded the Renault Clío hook she was traveling with her mother. Due to a GPS error, the woman entered La Rana. When she wanted to escape the attackers who surrounded her, they opened the fire and wounded her daughter.

Before filming the girl, "Diente", aged 17, was closed twice this year. On August 2, he was arrested for robbery. He was locked up for ten days and regained his freedom. He was arrested again on October 23 last. He spent only three days in prison. He went out and stolen again. It was a week ago, but this time it almost killed a girl.

Another minor, known as "Matías," leads the Bermejo band. He is dedicated to the theft of houses outside the neighborhood. Like Cocki, he orders his own group and has the task of stealing motorcycles and cars to disarm them inside La Rana.

The Murray brothers are a particular case. One of them, Pablo, 23, is a motorcycle. The vehicle he used to kill against the karting driver, Zaira Rodríguez, is on behalf of his brother, Gaston. Last night, the Buenos Aires police raided the suspect. According to sources of the investigation, Pablo, the first to be arrested for murder, would have been the author of the eight bullets against the Volkswagen trend of Zaira's lover. One of these blows hit the frame and killed Zaira.

Last Thursday, members of the Federal Police began patrolling the settlement. Prior to the murder, police station 2a. He arrested 40 suspects this month, half of whom were minors. After the theft, they fled to La Rana to flee.

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