Friday , January 27 2023

Tough in San Nicolás prison: three prisoners have taken hostages


A doctor, a nurse and a prison guard were taken as hostages in the prison of San Nicolás for three prisoners who refused to be transferred to another unit.

From the Prison Service, they informed that there were three detainees "recidivists and with serious problems of coexistence"When they learned of the intention to take them to another prison, they decided to host hostages in the Criminal Unit 3 healthcare in Buenos Aires.

a filming the interior of prison shows prison staff inside a cell, keeping an exchange with detainees.

Inmates, who are armed with faces and native to San Pedro, have been identified such as Marcos Andrade, Gabriel Mendoza and Carlos Escobar. The Prosecutor, negotiating the release of the hostages, and the San Nicolás execution judge are present in that place.

Without a kitchen, a local radio, held a telephone conversation with Mendoza, one of the protagonists of the revolt. "We take a hostage for a situation that has met us in the health, have not given us any physical protection, left us behindhe said. "We will go wrong from here."

"We were prosecuted by a prisoner, the police took us out of a pavilion, put us in a cell where we do not even have a tap. They took all the communication with our family, "Mendoza said in terms of the conditions in which they are detained." They want us to take the hostages, but we will not take them out, "he added.

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