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Trade ensures that Black Friday brought relief in a difficult year


November 26, 2018 – 02:15
The place that adhered to bid promotion had 52% more customers. The average purchase note was $ 2,560. They will have another discount event.

While the sales balance for Friday and Saturday of Salta trade, the so-called Black Salt on Friday, it was not expected that there was a small rebound in activity, which became a balsam in a terrible year for the sector in which most income and jobs generated in the province.

"Overall, the results were positive," he said. Tribune Jorge Vian, Vice President of Salta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He pointed out that according to a survey conducted by the institution, there were 52% more customers among the companies that joined the promotion than at the end of previous weeks.

Some stores have not seen significant sales growth, Vian explained, but most of the customers were able to take advantage of the discounts and payment facilities offered during the two-day promotion.

"It was a successful acquisition with an interest-free card, people saw that you could beat inflation and took the opportunity," the business leader explained, pointing out the bank entities that joined the promotions and the provincial government for its intermediation for the implementation of the program.

It was the sixth edition of Black Friday in Salta, and this time more than 600 points of sale were added across the province. In addition, for the first time, the online purchasing system was available in which 28 businesses participated.

The average buy on the client between Friday and Saturday was $ 2,560 and many chose to pay with card and interest-free to take advantage of a significant opportunity at a time when the interest rate for financing led to prohibitive purchases.

The vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce said that during the days of discounts there were around 60,000 people in the pedestrian capital of Salta.

He indicated that tire and battery sales had very good sales through credit cards. He pointed out that some dealers have sold cars that have entered the promotion and vehicle parts.

He announced that other offer days will be held in December for the celebrations at the end of the year. It will also continue to promote "3D + 15" by January, allowing affiliate store customers to buy up to six interest-free rates Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The payment facility is for Visa and Mastercard credit cards issued by Macro Bank. In addition, the bank grants a refund of 15% of all purchases that are deducted in the card summary.


On Saturday afternoon, Florida and Alberdi pedestrians wore a vain postcard. No one wanted to miss the Copa Libertadores final between the river and Boca, which eventually became frustrated.

"After the suspension of the match was confirmed, people started going to the center," Vian recalled.

The Criminal Crisis
Loss of jobs and closing offices, a negligent year for trade.

The economic recession of the country and the province severely hit the Salta trade, which has so far lost 900 jobs, according to the Employee Trade Union estimates.

Meanwhile, a Survey of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salta showed that about 436 spaces of the microcentre and the macrocentre had to close their doors because of the crisis. The entity has warned that the loss is even more intense than the one recorded in 2016.

Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Jorge Vian, said in the news that in recent weeks it has been noticed that several business owners who were in the city center and who closed themselves began to open their businesses in the streets of the macrocenter, trying to reduce rental costs .

The company also calculated that sales have so far dropped 14% this year compared to the same period in 2017.

The rise in gross incomes is added to the province's commercial activity. In addition, there is concern about the $ 5,000 bonus for employees who have to deal with traders.

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