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WhatsApp News: An Unexpected Feature and More Changes Come – 04/01/2019

Since its creation in 2009, WhatsApp has become the world's most important instant messaging application and a necessity for someone's smartphone.

The application has been constantly changing and introduces new tools and features, especially after becoming part of the Facebook family.

In 2018 we experienced the arrival of stickers and group video calls, among other new features. but, What does WhatsApp have for us for 2019? It seems a good number of updates to attract new users to the platform.

Last year, the company bought by Facebook in 2014 introduced a new tool that allows you to view videos in a small floating window within the same app if they were opened via a YouTube or Facebook link. This function, according to India today, seems to be so could be applied, of the same year, to all MP4 videos.

Another new feature that WhatsApp could bring us in the coming months is intimacy. A leak suggests that the technology company strives to create one authorization system to access the application through digital fingerprint. In this way, users must authenticate themselves before entering the platform. And if verification fails, WhatsApp might ask for a password.

The design could also be modified, with the introduction of "dark mode" that will allow users to reduce screen light, thus reducing eye damage and increasing the energy savings of the mobile phone or tablet. This feature is expected to be available in the coming months.

Finally, and returning to the multimedia files, so far, users have had to open messages to see photos, videos, or GIFs. However, everything indicates that this will change because the application intends to create a preview of these files in the notification bar.

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