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Yes and not lose weight in the summer – 01/17/2019


Summer offers optimum conditions to strengthen or incorporate habits that help lowering or maintaining a healthy weight. Hot weather tilts the balance for choosing lighter meals – including salads and natural fruit juices – and is a motivator for exercise. But this station also has its part B: holidays tend to relax behavior and allowed abundant as well as excursions to take and snack.

Successfully completing a dietary plan in the warmer phase of the year requires "perseverance and effort," says Liliana Liliana Grimberg, a registered dietitian at the Dr. Máximo Ravenna Therapeutic Center. And he notes that another essential requirement is that the patient "becomes aware of the health benefits he has Supporting healthy lifestyle habits".

To help with pregnancy, it requires 10 good habits that help reduce weight or maintain a healthy diet and 10 behaviors that work against it.

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? Start your day with a full and healthy breakfast, giving priority to dairy products with low fat and fresh whole fruit.

? Take 3 liters of daily fluid: water, soda, infusions (tea, matt coffee), peony, light-flavored water, juices and soft drinks.

Before lunch and dinner, try taking a soup or a light soup and accompany the meals with water or non-alcoholic beverages.

? Take a shallow plate as a reference for measuring vegetables.

Add only one teaspoon of olive oil, sunflower or corn to each salad.

? Limit to the finest refined flour, such as noodles, white bread, biscuits and bakery products.

Increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits because they contain a large amount of water, fiber, vitamins and minerals to regulate intestinal transit.

? Choose low-energy, low-energy foods, ie with a higher volume and less calories.

? Include foods with low glycemic index (the index measures the impact of food on blood sugar after ingestion).

Change the amount of salt.

Summer is also the summer season of departures and meetings of food and drink.

Summer is also the summer season of departures and meetings of food and drink.

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? Jump over the tables. Especially breakfast, but also main meals.

? Use unhealthy foods (high in fat, sugar and salt), which are extremely dependent.

? "Peck" during the day.

? Eat fast.

?Select the menu at the last minute. Consume daily foods based on refined white flour (biscuits, bread, etc.).

?Save excessive amounts of table salt.

? Cancel physical activity by apologizing like heat or lack of time.

• Continue with alcohol.

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