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YouTube is testing an option to display two ads in a row


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More ads with fewer interruptions?


If you hate your video session YouTube is interrupted by several advertising breaks, you may be lucky, because things might change.

The video streaming platform implements a new system in the video viewing experience, which consists in placing two ads in a row (which can continue to be ignored), which, according to YouTube, will reduce the number of ad interruptions during the video. up to 40% less in a session, according to the company's blog post Tuesday.

The new experience will be first implemented in the desktop version, followed by the mobile and television versions. According to the company, the new system will arrive some time before the end of this year.

Another interesting detail explained in the blog post is that it explains that more people are stuck on YouTube videos on television screens: according to YouTube, more than 180 million hours have been spent on average each day.

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