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Brendon, Alex Fevola child: baby welcome baby


Brendan and Alex Fevola met a girl named Brenda.

The couple announced the arrival of their fourth daughter this morning, while Fevola revealed her name in her top FOX FM, Fifi, Fev and Byron.

While the co-host of Fifi Box was not sure if the name was a joke, Fevola denied having fired a stunt.

"There is no seam up … if it were a boy he would have been Brendan Junior."

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Fearfully, Fevola resounded on Brenda and praised Alex who made a section C at eight o'clock in the morning.

"She has a huge hair head, Byron will be kidnapped," he said.

"It looks a little like me, I want her to have received Alex's genes, but she's super cute." "Little fat cheeks." The most amazing feeling of all time Alex was amazing, incredible.

Fevola added a name to intrigue the name by not disclosing it in its Instagram post.

Along with a picture of his newborn, he wrote: "Hi World … @alexfevolamakeup a super human mother. Mother and baby fly #love #family #daughters #itsagirlsworld.

Fevola's post was flooded with blessings, but many of them asked if the name was a joke.

The box said, "Do not get me wrong, I like the name, I do not necessarily believe. I've been working with this man for three years, every day a stitch or a joke.

media_cameraBrendan and Alex Fevola with the daughters Leni, Mia and Lulu. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis

Brendan and Alex Fevola have three daughters, Mia, Leni and Lulu.

They got married for the first time in 2005. They divorced and are hired again.

Fevola last week gave Alex an impressive gift – a bright diamond ring.

He will be in the air with Fox FM one hour less a day for the last week of radio rating after the baby's birth.

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