Tuesday , March 21 2023

Chinese hotels apologize after the video reveals hygiene horrors


Residents pass the Beijing Peninsula hotel, which announced on Friday that it is investigating complaints in an online video that would show that hotel cleaners use dirty towels to wipe cups and sinks. (AP Photos)

Luxury hotels in China headed by Hilton, Marriott and some other excuses have apologized for unintentional practices after a video has become viral on the internet, presenting household staff using the same sponges for cleaning cups and sinks and wiping off surfaces bathroom with guest towels.

The statements came after a 11-minute video was posted on Weibo, a popular social networking site that claimed to show hidden camcorders of cleaning staff in hotels run by Shangri-La Asia, Hilton Worldwide Holdings and others. The video has earned 29 million views and generated tens of thousands of comments and actions.

An activist blogger using the pseudonym "Huazong" posted the video. He calls the long-standing and widespread issue and writes that he spent 2000 nights at 147 hotels over six years.

The CCTV state television broadcasts a video of uniform inspectors from an unidentified hotel that illuminates their identity cards and keeps a glass of drink to the light to inspect it.

Hidden videos of maintenance staff work poorly on the surface of luxury Chinese hotels on social media every six months or more, according to Shaun Rein, founder of China Market Research Group in Shanghai. The decrease in the number of employees and the decrease in wages make it difficult for the hotels to make the employees comply with the rules, because they can only give up and find jobs elsewhere.

"They do not get very good workers and people do not stay too long," Rein said. "I wake up to think about how the three star hotels are."

Bulgari Hotel, which is headed by Marriott International, apologized in a statement published Thursday on Weibo, saying it will investigate and take appropriate action. A similar excuse came from Hotel Ritz-Carlton, who said he would strengthen the room check rules and work with the government to respond.

The video, which was posted on Wednesday, shows a housekeeper at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Shanghai using a single sponge to clean the cups and sink. The maid then takes the same sponge and cleanses the toilet according to the text presented in the video. The hotel chain apologized in a statement posted to Weibo.

At the Bulgari hotel in Shanghai, a worker is shown reusing a plastic cap that is frying from a trash can. A worker at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai uses a gel that the film describes as shampoo for cleaning cups.

Beijing Peninsula hotel on Friday said food and drug administration officials conducted an on-site examination of the cups the previous day and found them cleaner than necessary standards. Cups were sent for extra tests, the hotel said in a statement on his Weibo account.

"The hotel will continue to take steps to reinforce the implementation of standard procedures for room maintenance staff to ensure that all aspects meet the established standards of the Peninsula," the statement said.

The Shangri-La Hotel in Fuzhou said the video action violates its hygiene standards, while Park Hyatt in Beijing calls it an isolated event.

A statement issued Thursday by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that "all levels of culture and tourism authorities should draw conclusions and give priority to monitoring the quality of tourism services."

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