Sunday , June 26 2022

Do you remember Starman from SpaceX? Now it floats beyond Mars


We are happy to let you know that both the red cherry red Tesla Roadster and the stoic astronautics driver made it beyond Mars orbit.

SpaceX representatives have posted today an infographic showing that our friend Starman is moving beyond the orbit of Mars.

Tweet has included "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe," a beautiful reference to fans favorite science fiction series The Galactic Hitchhiker's Guide from which it is said that Elon Musk is a fan.

In fact, the red Tesla Roadster has another reference to the series: the words "NO PANIC!" Written on the dashboard screen. The phrase clearly adorns the cover of the fictional series guidebook.

In February, Testosterone's SpaceX test launched Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket ever used by NASA's Saturn V missiles, the same that took people to the moon during the Apollo era in the '60s.

For the historic test flight, Musk has created an unusual volume: a red Tesla Roadster "piloted" by a fake astronaut. David Bowie played, of course, on the stereo of the car.

The ridiculous, but absolutely spectacular, quest was criticized from all the quarters of that time.

The people of Sane believed that the movement was nothing but a smoke curtain to hide the fact that Tesla had just deposited what was, at that time, the biggest quarterly loss in his history.

People who were not so healthy, AKA flat-Earthers, believed that everything was part of the universal conspiracy to hide that our planet is not round.

Flat-Earthers went on Twitter to launch the launch, many of them claiming that the images were just the "bad CGI" product.

According to a study by a team at the Planet Sciences Center at Toronto University in Scarborough, Starman will resume its journey to Earth, which will reach a few thousand kilometers of our planet in 2091.

The study states that it may be possible for the machine to eventually slip into either Earth or Venus over the next decades.

If you're curious about Starman's real-world cosmic location, you can head to, a site created by Old Pennsylvania founder Ben Pearson.

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