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Former Google Sarah Cooper wrote a satirical book for women working


Sarah Cooper is like anti-Sheryl Sandberg.

Instead of telling women to "lean", the former Google employee offers more practical tips for technology women, with his new book, "How to Become Successful Without Feeling Men's Feelings."

"Ambitious women are frightening. In this fast-moving world, female leaders need to make sure they are not perceived as aggressive, aggressive or competent," explains the promotional material of the book. The chapters include "How to be harassed without harming your career" and "How to bring your true self to work and then hide it completely." Each chapter ends with a list of "elements of inactivity".

Behind humor there is, of course, a serious message.

"How to be successful without suffering the feelings of men" was triggered by all the things we did at Google to make it look more enjoyable and accessible, as if it were less direct with feedback and use of all smiling faces in my emails, I have seen between my colleagues and females, "she said.

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It was inspired by a blog post she wrote, called "9 Non-Threatning Leadership Strategies for Women", who immediately went viral with "many women who write to tell me they had the same experience" she said.

This post became part of the book. It provides such stones as: "If a male colleague steals your idea in a meeting, thank you for that. Allow her for explaining her idea so clearly. And let's admit, no one would have ever heard if he did not repeat it.

Stories and illustrations in the book are sometimes fictionalized, sometimes not, but all inspired by the real incidents Cooper, her friends and her colleagues face.

A scene from the recent mission at the Google office in San Francisco.
Katie Canales / Business Insider

"I have free food and a lot of free material"

After spending five years more like a technology woman who worked as a manager at Google, Cooper had a lot of inspiration for her book and her new career as a comedian. She is the best known for her previous book, 100 tricks to appear intelligently in her meetings and her blog, The Cooper Review.

Although Cooper made a short time at Yahoo, both books and most of her blog were inspired by Google, she told Business Insider.

"At Google, I received free food and a lot of free stuff," she said.

Beyond providing women with technology a very necessary laugh, Cooper hopes to let women know that no, do not imagine that.

This is a very useful message in today's #MeToo world. This is particularly strong, given the recent challenges facing Google as the company comes up with how it handled various incidents of sexual harassment.

A non-threatening foundation for women

I asked Cooper if he wanted to get to Sandberg with a copy of the book. Sandberg is, of course, the former Google, now COO from Facebook, who runs the famous feminist movement today that seeks gender equality in the workplace.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Cooper tells us he did not send Sandberg's book, but if he had the opportunity to sit with her, "I'd like to hear how much he leans after he leans, then bends back and then leans back, and if is a good workout for her abs. "

I also asked her if she would model the book for Lean In and start a Missing Threatening Foundation with meetings and support circles.

"Yes, I would like to start a non-threatening foundation of the woman in which we probably have all the meetings we just apologize to each other," she excused her.

But he also had a more serious answer: "The last point of the book is not to worry if you suffer men's feelings, so maybe I would start a foundation for menacing women!"

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