Wednesday , September 28 2022

Fortin fans can be discovered a mysterious castle at the rupture in Wailing Woods


Following the epic conclusion of the cube event in Romania Fortnite: Battle Royale, fans have been looking forward to what's next for the popular game. And it seems that some players would have discovered a hidden Easter egg indicating a new potential area Fortnite.

When looking at the bottom bunker rupture in Wailing Woods, a Reddit user apparently saw a mysterious castle in the portal itself. The screengrab makes the castle look like in a winter setting and does not seem to be an area that is already part of Fortnite.

It is not clear if there is actually an image in this rupture. Other Reddit users have posted graphical scenes that do not look like where you can clearly see a castle. So this could be a sort of problem – or the Epic Games might try to stop Fortnite fans, who really knows right now.

If there really is a kind of secret castle in this specific rupture, it could mean a few different things. The castle could be a new point of potential interest Fortnite season seven. The castle's winter background also makes it seem like the area could be introduced in the coming season – assuming that Epic plans to add snow or some festive holiday patterns.

In addition, since the castle can only be seen from this specific rupture in Wailing Woods, it could mean that this area could be the target of a revival in the future. All of this is obviously speculation at this point, but when it comes to making changes to Epic Fortnite, it seems that anything is possible.

Make sure you keep your eyes on this portal in Fortnite to see if anything is coming up in the coming weeks.

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