Saturday , August 13 2022

Key local stories for the success of the Fairfax fusion in the West: Nine Chief Hugh Marks


"In fact, it is a global move towards localism, because we enjoy our international entertainment through another experience, so we come to the local press for what we expect from them, which is something personal and more involved and more relevant .

"Thus, localism will become important and I think one of the advantages of this merger will be our ability in local markets to maximize what you can offer to the audience."

Mister. Marks said he did not see merger just in terms of creating more competitive media equipment, but providing better news and entertainment to the public.

"Indeed, we are in the phase of creating television content, journalism, radio programs, no matter what it is," he said.

"If the change will be is that we will hopefully hope for two things: one is, and we hope to grow the market, because again, the audience will come to the local content, which should lift all the boats.


"And number two, and I think it's not so much a challenge to beat someone else, is a challenge to the way we do what we do best and engage a better audience.

"This also means that sales boys have a better proposal to take to the market from a commercial perspective."

Nine Perth's CEO, Clive Bingwa, said that Western Australia has matured from the riches of the mining explosion.

"The composition of the state has changed, and some of the problems we have at the state level have changed," he said.

"And I think it is very important to represent them on a neutral basis, to be able to tell exactly what is happening in Western Australia, Western Australians, Western Australians with a high degree of neutrality."

Mister. Bingwa said the new company will consider more coverage of local issues and more local entertainment.

"One of the interesting things about Nine Perth is that we are hyper-committed locally, "he said.

"We produce four hours of local news a day, Monday through Friday, we produce news on weekends, we produce about 60-70 hours of local content.

"What enables us to do this is to overburden these efforts and work where those synergies must be able to create opportunities for advertisers and create entertainment programs for Western Australian people."


Mister. Marks said he will work on ways to improve products delivered to the public and create opportunities for reporters within the new company to work together.

"There will be opportunities to improve what we all do, but we will be looking pretty much for everyone to continue doing what they do, focusing on their audience, increasing audience hopes.

"If you raise your audience, you can increase your revenue.

"We, as a business, need to realize how we assure that we support everything we associate so that we can do it as well as possible."

Nathan covers state policy for WAtoday. He is former editor of Mandurah Mail, where he also covered Fairfax's regional titles policy.

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