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Married at first glance 2019: Look first at Season 6


Wedding bells!

We're a little more than a week from the premiere Married at first glancethe sixth season. Extremely early experimental performance is coming back Monday, January 28, with four episodes a week, and 9Honey Celebrity had the chance to check out the first few episodes.

Here's what we know about the 2019 season MAFS. who will see 20 foreigners completely bind the knot in one of the most dramatic and most popular social experiments in the country.

A tradition of previous seasons will be brought back
And it will bring drama to the show.

Ning, Matthew and Jessica. (Nine)

A groom has a great secret
He will reveal everything during the honeymoon and threaten his flourishing relationship with his new wife.

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One of the weddings has a semi-disaster
But it will be fixed in the most luminous-worthy mode.

It will be bigger and better than ever
The experiment will be longer this year, with 10 extra episodes bringing the total to 44.

The best man is ruining almost all night
Anybody getting flashbacks at Dean's best man in Season 5?

Matthews' Virginity will be approached early

And you will feel for him as he allows people to know their decision.

There will be more obstacles for couples
But we're sure it will make newborns stronger in the long run.

It will be a post-show!
Speak married will return on Wednesday, January 30, after Married at first glance on 9Life.

Married at First Sight Season 6 begins at 7:30 pm Monday, January 28 on Nine. For more details about MAFS, including the clips behind the scenes, go to 9Now. Grab exclusive interviews and MAFS news at 9 Celebrity Honey. Did you miss an episode? Get your Married to First Sight reappears here. MAFS obsessed? Tune in to 9Honey's weekly show, Speak married, if you get the inner spoon in each episode.

Married to the look of celebrities at First Sight.

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