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Morning Walking: The seven ages of Rick Grimes


Warning: contains spoilers for zombie season 9, episode 5.

I did not die, so it was not a funeral. He pulled a lot like Rick Grimes' last episode, What to do next it felt more like Rick Grimes' last episode, and there might also be some movies where everything will come out. "

Perhaps it did not end the character definitively, but it was a good emotional farewell zombieIt's the first story: that of a man trying to find his family. Rick was saved by the people he saved, and he realized his real family was the friend he had made on the road. What happens next is only for the gods / AMC executive producers to know.

Instead of an eulogy, here's a tribute to Rick Grimes, the man, the hat, the beard, the legend …

The friendly officer

"We do not kill the living"

The uniform hat, clean hat, short and lateral back, and just a five hour watch shade … was the first season of Rick Grimes, a deputy sheriff in a small town, a lover of husband and his father. Before the apocalypse, I met Rick as a devoted officer and as a natural leader. While his colleagues were joking around them, he reminded him to stay focused on the job. Then he was shot twice. And he fell into a coma that made him miss the end of the world.

Even after the world ended, the friendly officer (a name he would have given sarcastically) was right and honored. It may have been, in Glenn's words, "a dumbass" with much to learn about the undead, but he instinctively knew the right to harm. Rick was beside the good people, he was dealing with the Dipshite racist Merle Dixon, kept his peace and told Daryl, uncertainly, that "we are not killing the living."

Er, about this …

The Ricktator

"It's no longer a democracy"

Rick kills the living. The world has not passed long before egoism and violence have risen over decency and kindness. Rick and co. encounters along the road are populated by cowardice and cruelty. Two of these are Dave and Tony, the men Rick and Hershel meet in a two-bar season, threatening to follow the farm and get what they want. Confronted with the choice between keeping his moral code and protecting his family, Rick chose the latter and who could blame him? Revelation is not time for moral absolutism.

In the second season, the reluctant leader, Rick, found out that his head was uncomfortable with a golden hat cut. His leadership is facing uproar from inside, while his best friend and partner, Shane, intended to kill him and take his place. He found out that Lori's baby might not be his and, through all of this, he tried to make the right choices and do the heavy jobs. For all sorts of Shane's approach to the owners of the barn, it was Rick and not the one who put Sophie down from her misery. Rick was the one who gave blood to save Carl's life, and he fought what to do with Randall.

After all, Rick's speech, two camp fires, makes sense. These are the words of a man pushed far, far beyond his limits. It's hard to say, it's sarcastic ("Keep going, it's the door, send me a postcard, you can do better, let's see how far you've gotten"). He reminds the unrecognized crowd exactly what he did for them ("I preserve this group together, alive, I did everything"), and finally he establishes the law: "Receive a right thing, Stay, this is no longer a democracy" .

Captain's Travels

"Everyone is worried about you"

After Lori's traumatic death in prison, the pain sends Rick temporarily out of his mind. The moment he sees that child in Maggie's arms and understands what he means, his face frosts his eyes naked and loses everything, but his anger turns into a stinging animal. Even Glenn is in danger from this Rick, who throws him against a wall and holds his arm in his throat when he tries to stop him from cutting out a full fury through the Walker population in the penitentiary.

(The warming of our hearts only from the cold of Lori's terrible death is how Rick's Daryl is right to help when it's clear what happened. When the earth falls off Rick's feet, Daryl is there to start pushing him back and sustaining him, giving everyone a job, going out in the footsteps of a baby formula, and swearing that Lil Ass-Kicker, soon to baptize him, will do it.)

After instability comes the rage. Rick does not know what's real and what he imagined. He receives four phone calls, one after the other, like Scrooge's ghosts, all of the dead. He pleads with fancy phones, "we're good people here, we need help." That's clear.

Not far away Gone-Rick

"We can still come back"

Rick was not the only one who was embarrassed by the pain. The governor, already a despot with dark cravings, passed over the edge when Michonne put the katana through his daughter Penny's skull. Penny has already died, of course, because she was the victim of the Walker wound, but her execution made the governor feel her loss again. This made him even more dangerous, and even more inclined to destruction and revenge.

Meanwhile, thanks to the ministries of Hershel Greene and his gardening metaphors, Rick Grimes heals himself. He healed enough to know that, even after so much loss and pain so great, there was still a chance for a future. This was a new Rick – neither naive nor bestial, but a Rick who suffered and taught and was desperate for humanity to survive. Things and people were not far, he said. Everyone could deviate from this struggle.

The governor, unfortunately, disagreed, and Hershel paid the price.

Vampi-rick Rick

"What the hell are you gonna do now, sport?"

It took eight episodes for "Not Far From Rick," which desperately pleads for peace to turn into a beast that hits the throat which, once unleashed, has never been quite reloaded. In the final four season, Rick reached his level.

Joe, the leader of the motorcycle gang The Claimers, came to take revenge for him for killing one of his number in an earlier escape. His people darted Daryl and promised they would kill Rick and beat Mikonne and Carl. Without weapons and no option, Rick took the only path he left: he lost all humanity's claim and became an animal. Watching the second chance, he strolled Joe's teeth with his teeth and tore an artery, then swallowed Carl's rapist with terrible ferocity. The final stage of the scene was Carl, already traumatized, looking at his father as if he had not recognized him.

Rick is the one who said (anyway, in the uncensored version) that the Terminus cannibals were "hell with the bad people." He is Rick who took a model to Gareth who knelt in that church and turned it into a mushroom. He is Rick, soaked in blood, who told Deanna in Alexandria "if you do not fight, you will die," and whom he executed Pete at her command. It's Rick in whose eyes Morgan looked without recognizing the man he met in the pilot with all the time.

Old man Rick

"I'm not afraid of a big owl."

This unpleasant injury shows that Carl's dream about his father awakening the Strange Al Yankovic and a world in peace can never be fulfilled? Or would Jadis' ties heal Rick and allow him to live the rural idyll?

Old man Rick has a full-bodied beard and a heavily cut gray hair. He sleeps the righteous sleep, wears a gown, goes with a stick and looks forward to a feasting feast in his garden community. He lives with his family – Michonne, Carl and Judith – and it's a wonderful life.

This was Carl's dream for his father. How much could it become true?

A new start Rick

"My mercy prevails over My wrath."

(Alternative title: Kofi Annan-Rick, because of his role as Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization for Peacekeeping at the start of the new season.) "It does not matter what's going on, it is human nature to unite," said Rick , an affirmation that was not confirmed by the first half of the season where serious fractures occurred in the relationships between Oceanside, Savory, Hilltop, the Kingdom, and everyone else.

A beginning of Rick in a peaceful future was a lesson learned from Carl. Over the eighth season, I saw that Rick caught his reflection in mirrors and contemplated who became. At the last moment, he had chosen who he wanted to be: someone Carl would be proud to call his father. No matter how hard the others did, a new beginner Rick lacked his ideals. "It's about all of us together," he said. "We build, we grow" And even now he's gone, that's what they'll do.

All right, Lincoln, whatever Rick you gave us, you did a job.

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