Tuesday , March 21 2023

On November 26, NASA will be Live Streaming InSight immense landing on Mars on their website and channel


At 3 o'clock in the afternoon. EST on November 26, NASA will broadcast a live video with comments on InSight landing on Mars, and public viewing parties will be held around the world to watch the first landing on Mars in six years.

If you want to watch the first landing on Mars in six years, get ready because NASA will broadcast on their web site and TV channel on November 26 the immense landing of InSight on the Mars' Elysium Planitia .

As craftsmen reports, NASA's InSight flight began its first Atlas V missile ride to Mars on May 5, and in just 10 days the sun will hit the ground Tuesday at 3:00. EAST. Mission Control at California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will not only provide a live video stream for the InSight landing but will also provide a comment on it.

However, because the NASA InSight device does not have a video component, the actual descent will not be captured. But all this will be done by parachutists from the ground to Mars, which will be shown during the descent and landing, if everything goes well.

InSight's NASA landline name has been shortened to "Internal Exploration through Seismic, Geodesy and Thermal Transport Investigations," and its work will include the seismographic data it collects from the Martian surface to help scientists learn more about the core of the planet Mars. With six instruments transported onboard InSight, the lander will artificially create seismic waves by applying a deep probe to the surface of the planet.

If you are concerned that the NASA live stream of the InSight landing on Mars may change, do not be. While rocket launch data can be changed or delayed due to a wide range of issues, whether technical or weather-related, the official InSight soil date to reach Mars is strong calendars and even if NASA should somehow want to change the date of landing, this would be an impossibility due to the physics involved.

If for some reason you are not happy to watch the live video stream that NASA will provide comfortably on your couch or stuck to your desktop computer at work, there are plenty of viewing parties you can attend if you want.

All these are open to the public and will be organized in libraries and scientific institutions around the world and include places like ZEISS Grossplanetarium in Berlin, Germany, Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie in Paris, France, Times Square in New York City and Westwood Branch Library in Los Angeles, California. A complete list of all hosts of these views was provided by NASA.

Whatever happens on November 26, do not forget to join NASA to watch the live live video stream of Mars's InSight Landing.

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