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"Politics mummy posting" that attacked security schools warned on the Facebook page


During the victorious state election of November 24, Mrs. Rancie posted photos on her Facebook page – which is classified by the social media site as a personal blog – of Liberal Party supporters who give up a letter and are running in different voters .

On Monday, the Victorian Electoral Commission wrote to Facebook to say it could face fines due to lack of authorization on the page.

"The Victorian Electoral Commission announces to the owners of the Political Posting Mumma that it violates the 2002 Election Law, Section 83," read the message.

"To comply with the law, you must include an authorization statement on the page indicating the name and address of the person authorizing the material. Penalties apply if the page continues to be wrong".


In a statement given Age, VEC said that social media, blogs and emails containing electoral materials – content that is or could affect vote in elections – must be authorized.

"In particular, candidates and others involved in the campaign must ensure that: all websites / webpages are authorized, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media platforms are authorized or linked directly to a statement the links bear or are linked directly to a permit statement and steps are taken to ensure that no person is defamed, threatened or harassed ".

Authorizations must include the name and address of the person who authorized the material. The penalty for non-compliance for one person is 10 penalizing units or about 1600 USD.

In recent weeks, Ms Rancie has pledged her support for the liberal leader, Matthew Guy.

"I have no idea of ​​the results. Of course, I hope and pray that we will get rid of the worst government our state has ever known." Time will tell, "she wrote this week on the site.

Mrs. Rancie was contacted for comment.

Last year, in a statement to Fairfax Media, Mrs. Rancie says she has never been interested in joining a political party "until safe schools invaded my children" and that she posted the video "out of the upset" because nobody he seemed to know what it was.

"[It’s] a Trojan horse for transgender activism and gender theory, and not even an anti-aggression program, "she says. Feedback has been incredibly supportive, apart from a few activists without children and who seem to have a clear agenda. "

However, the LGBTI community said the videos were full of homophobic fakes and that they did "untold damage" to their children and their families, who were already unleashed by the federal debate on marriage equality.

The Liberal Party refused to comment.

Simone is a reporter of age news. Most recently she approached the latest news for The Australian in Melbourne.

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