Wednesday , May 31 2023

Teamfight Tactics Teasing Set 5 theme, spectator feature, turbo mode


▲ An evil Darius comes to Teamfight Tactics in Set 5. Images through Riot Games

On Thursday morning, Riot Games revealed new information about what Teamfight Tactics players can expect during 2021 as part of the live stream of the 2021 Opening Day season. With more than 200,000 fans watching on their official YouTube feed, TJ Bourus, the product leader for the car chess game mode, talked about what players will experience in the short and long term.

▲ Leading the Tactics Teamfight product.

While the dedicated Teamfight Tactics segment was shorter than most, players have been confirmed that two sets of content will be released in 2021, including the expansion of the average set in the coming weeks. Set 5, whose name has not been made public, will have an atmosphere of good against evil, according to Bourus. The specifications have not been shared, other than champions such as Garen and Riven will represent the “good” boys, while Darius, Volibear, Morgana, Teemo and Viego (the newly revealed champion of the “Restrained King”) will be some of the bad guys coming later this spring.

For players who might want to mix their gaming experience, the development team announced today that a “turbo” game mode is on the horizon. According to Bourus, people who want a simpler and faster way to play TFT will have a blast with the new game mode that they will share more information at the end of the year.

The last information revealed during the stream is one that players requested shortly after the game was launched: a spectator mode. The development team is working hard to create a sport-specific spectator mode for the end of the year that it aims to prepare for the World Championship Set 5. No other details have been shared about when someone could reach the standard client of the game.

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