Friday , January 27 2023

The Aboriginal woman in Brisbane receives a shocking note on the car


If you are injured by a scratch or the blow of someone's car, it is customary to leave a note with your contact details so that the owner can track it.

But an aboriginal woman in Brisbane received a shocking letter from a driver who hit her car.

A photograph of the handwritten note was posted on Twitter yesterday afternoon, causing a reward for angry responses.

In the note, the driver recognizes the hitting of the woman's car before adding: "You have a native sticker on your car, so government authorities have paid for it from my taxes." Australian's happy birthday, and I'm not sorry.

The note does not have name or contact information, but "2019 One Nation" is signed.

Another user, who posted the note to Imgur, said the woman whose car was hit was their grandmother.

"My grandmother has terminal cancer, and she was left on her car today near the Chermside Shopping Center," they said.

"She has worked all her life and adopted children from all cultures.

"It is a proud woman Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara and she is ashamed that this treatment is still happening to her even after she was part of the stolen generation."

People reacted angrily to the note, others asked the owner to contact the Chermside shopping center and request CCTV registration outside the complex.

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