Tuesday , June 28 2022

The police are looking for a dam in the NSW for the missing woman's body after being locked up


The police began a legal search and digging off the outskirts of a city in New South Wales after receiving new information about the disappearance and alleged murder of Roxlyn Bowie.

The mother of two disappeared from her family home in Walgett, northern NSW, in June 1982, after a dispute with her husband, John Bowie.

Miss Bowie, 31, was seen the last time she left home at 6:00 on Saturday 5 June. At the beginning of the afternoon, she was seen in the clothes on the line.

She was reported missing her husband the next day.

"The strike force of the state crime commission and the force to attack serious crimes Maluka will examine the crime of a dam near the intersection of the Wee Waa and Wareena streets and an industrial site with the search going on in the coming weeks, the NSW police said a statement Monday night.

Excavation of the dam began on Monday morning, and a forensic anthropologist is waiting for human remains to be discovered.

An investigation conducted in Dubbo in September 2014 found that Mrs. Bowie died, but the cause of death was indefinite.

More than 36 years after he lost his body was never found.

Earlier this month, the NSW government provided a $ 1 million reward for information to help bring the case closer.

Mrs. Bowie's daughter, Brenda Boyd pleaded with the audience to tell the investigators what they knew, so they "could be right about their mother."

"It's been 36 years without my mother there for birthdays, holidays and special moments," said Boyd, who was only six years old when she disappeared. Her brother Warren was only a week from the second birthday.

"Tragically, my brother Warren has died and will never know what happened to our beloved mother.

"It is not right that we have gone more than our lives without knowing why it has been taken from us. I urge people to put myself in my position and realize how important it is to find the truth" .

The Gendarmerie and the Crime Crime Committee, Detective Inspector Daniel Doherty has asked anyone with information to contact Strike Force Maluka.

"Roxlyn was a loved daughter and a devoted mother, and those left behind struggled to share how they could apparently disappear into thin air," Det Supt said. Doherty said.

"We believe there are people who know exactly what happened to her, but she can be afraid or hesitant to share that information with the police.

"Now is the time for the truth to come out and those with information to contact the police."

Bowie's former husband, John Bowie, aged 68, has always denied involvement in her disappearance.

In an interview with A current business Last month, Mr. Bowie was asked if he had killed his wife.

"I did not, I did not kill her, I have no idea where she is or what happened to her. I swear to the Bible, I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Roxlyn," the former ambulance to investigative reporter Simon Bouda.

Six days after his wife disappeared, Mr. Bowie requested a transfer to Sydney. He was sent to Bankstown, where another woman came together and remarried the following year.

Mister. Bowie now lives in Toowoomba.

The search is expected to take several weeks.

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