Monday , August 15 2022

The powerful and full-bodied Porsche GT3 RS has the right stuff


There is not a slow Porsche 911, but in the hierarchy of models there are several levels of charisma.

For maximum bending performance, the GT2 RS is the latest 911 with the 515kW turbo engine, which makes it nearly strong enough to affect Earth's rotation.

But the GT3 RS, less available in the SA, tends to talk more about the "purists" of the sports cars that think it's more life than power (not really).

Compared to GT2 RS filled with steroids, the GT3 RS with normal suction sends a 383 kW throttle to the rear wheels, but it is actually more visually satisfying. The sound and anger of this makes 911 for drivers looking for the most intense car experience for all senses – and especially for physiological receptors.

Hearing a revolution of 4 liters at 9,000 rpm is a thing that causes goose. To the extent that they have to power the engines, turbocharged engines can not come back to the height of those with natural aspiration and do not sound as good and GT3 uses this to improve their charisma. Returning to the red area makes you feel as if you were in the golden circle of a concert of Guns' Roses, in a loud and loud voice, like Axl Rose in the foreground.

There is more sonic charm in the way that the optional roller hook fixes against the inside of the machine when driving over bumps. Cage is part of an optional Clubsport package that also includes a battery disconnect switch, a six-point racing harness and a fire extinguisher.

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