Tuesday , January 31 2023

Yvie Jones reveals his first terrible data


I'm a celebrity contestant Yvie Jones had a fair share of the nightmare's data.

former Gogglebox star opened Richard Reid in the jungle on his meeting history and remembered how he once met a guy while working as a channel operator for Channel 7.

"It was a guy who called on a Saturday night," she said. "This guy called us to tell us something and I just spoke and said," If you call again Monday … awake, we'll have a discussion. "

The guy called back and after a week of chatting between them on the phone, the pair decided to meet.

"It was not what I thought it would look like, even if we had completely described one another," Yvie said.

"Then I went out to the pub and said," I'm so disappointed. ""

It seems that Yvie was also a bit disappointed, telling Richard: "I thought I was taking Keanu Reeves … now I have Luke Perry."

The star of reality then remembered another horror when she was frightened in front of her.

"I had a guy who once told me a meeting:" Do you think maybe you should go for a run? "From nowhere," she said.

"I do not have time for anybody like that," said a frustrated Yvie to Richard.

It was my fault? Should I have seen the red flags with these duchebags?

"It seems that a lot of white men think I can say they're making a fat girl. They just think they can make you make a different choice, choose not to drink more fat because that's all about which is all, is just a choice.

Yvie is in the jungle with her ex Gogglebox co-star, Angie Kent. The pair quit the 10th show released last year with Yvie telling Instagram fans: "We wanted to tell everyone that the reason I left is that Angie no longer lives in Sydney.

"It has become really hard to make the logistics of being there. Last season came and went and it was too hard, she could not afford it."

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