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After landing on Mars, everything goes according to the "InSight"


After landing on Mars, everything goes according to the "InSight"

PASADENA. After their spectacular landing on the Red Planet, everything goes according to Mars' InSight plan.

Probe "InSight" Image: MIKE BLAKE (REUTERS)

NASA's space agency announced on Monday (local time) that it received the signal that "InSight", as it was created, was covered by the awnings. As Landemanvers on Mars seldom fall, NASA staff has previously eloquently celebrated the arrival of "InSight".

The two "InSight" solar slopes with a diameter of about 2.20 meters would have already collected the sunlight on Mars, NASA said. Outdoors, they can generate power for the 700-watt probe. "The InSight team can rest a little easier tonight – now that we know the tents are extensive and recharge the batteries," said Tom Hoffmann, leader of the InSight project.

First photos sent

A few hours earlier, the probe landed on Mars. "The landing has been confirmed!" NASA reported from its control center in Pasadena, California. There there were loud voices, the scientists jumped and hugged each other.

A few minutes later, "InSight" sent a first photo of Red Planet. Though the image was very blurred, probably because of the dust clouds raised during the landing. In the coming days, "InSight" will be busy finding the right places to position its manometers with a robotic arm.

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine took the courage of landing successfully for Mars' future missions: "Eventually, the day will come when we bring people to Mars," he said.

"Six Minute and Half Horror"

A Landemanver on Mars is so complicated that only 40% of previous missions outside the inner planets of our solar system have been successful. So NASA talked about "six minutes and a half of horror" before landing "InSight". The landing was preceded by a nearly seven-year journey by the space probe.

At a speed of 19,800 km / h, entered the Mars atmosphere, its heat shield temperature rose to 1500 degrees Celsius. After the probe took out the shield, the three legs and parachute came out and she floated slightly to Mars' surface.

The failure of many Mars landings is related to the atmosphere of our neighboring planet. Its thin air causes, on the one hand, that parachutes only develop a limited braking effect. On the other hand, the Martian atmosphere is thick enough to warm a space ship as it sinks.

European technology

Although Europe has not yet succeeded in successfully landing on Mars, it is involved in various advanced technologies in the InSight mission. The Institute for Space Research in Graz (IWF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is involved in data evaluation. One of the experimental instruments on board the landing platform is a snowstorm built in Germany that should knock a pit of up to five meters deep on the surface of Mars. A French seismometer is also on board.

With the geophysical InSight stationary observer, scientists want to investigate the interior of the planet and its structure for the first time in the next two years. It should be possible to measure the possible earthquakes and earthquakes on the planet. Researchers hope to discover, among other things, how Mars appeared billions of years ago.

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