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After the spider bite, the vegan only eats meat – why swear on the new diet


An American woman fed vegan until it was infected by a spider carnivore. Surgery saved her life – but she had to change her diet completely.

What seems to be a horror story was a bitter reality for Sylwia Tabor, 32, from Sacramento, California. The young man who was health-conscious was in a campaign holiday in the state of Michigan when the disaster took his course. A brown twisted spider banged it – which Tabor did not suspect at the time: a dangerous infection would be the result.

Spider bite as a carrier of carnivorous bacteria

Shortly after the spider's bite, Tabor discovered a falling thyme that soon grew in a handshake. Not only did Tabor take her to the doctor: Violet, swollen swollen on her stomach and waist, greatly disturbing the young woman. It quickly became clear to doctors treating: Sylwia Tabor suffered from necrotizing fasciitis caused by carnivorous bacteria – most likely transmitted by the spider fly.

After a three-hour surgery, the infection was under control and was not further spread in her body, according to the British Daily Mirror portal. But even long after the 2017 surgery, Tabor felt ill and weak. Your opinion: The vegan diet does not favor the healing process.

The vegan diet made Sylwia Tabor a dream of raw meat

For 32 years, he has changed his diet rigorously. Even before the serious illness, Tabor noticed that the vegan diet was good for her consciousness – she decided not to eat any animal products after she documented the manufacturing agriculture – but her health affected: "I noticed that I became "We had less energy and had trouble digesting my food," Sylwia reminded him as a vegan. The lack of protein even made Tabor begin to dream of eating raw meat.

When Tabor also developed an intolerance to nuts, she also took less protein. Not only nuts, but many vegetables have triggered rashes to the young woman, so she only eats fruit at a time. But the whole fructose made her teeth very sensitive.

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Today he eats two pounds of meat a day – even raw

In 2018 Tabor decided to eat meat again. And so far he did not regret one day:As soon as I ate the first piece of meat, I immediately felt louder"He remembered, since then meat can not be enough for Tabor: he eats about two kilos of lamb or beef a day.

Tabor goes so far as to say, "I am grateful to the fascinating fascination that made me change my diet that killed me." After the operation and all the antibiotics he had to take later, he did not absorb enough nutrients through the gastrointestinal tract – which Tabor had previously assigned to the vegan diet. The older the 32-year-old face a diet rich in meat after her severe illness, the more she became aware of "Meat consumption is the most effective way to absorb nutrients, much more than carbohydrate and vegetable consumption."Therefore, she advises all the meat diet – but only with meat of origin you trust.

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What is clitoral fasciitis?

Infectious disease is usually triggered by bacteria that penetrate small skin lesions or injections into the body. It is associated with pain in affected areas and fever may also occur. Swelling occurs, and skin gets hot and blisters. In the final stage, the skin dies. Infected tissue must therefore be rapidly removed by a surgical physician.

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