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Aidshilfe wants to encourage tests


In Vorarlberg, eleven people were diagnosed with HIV in 2017. According to Renate Fleisch of Aidshilfe Vorarlberg, 40% of those infected receive the diagnosis very late. One wants to counteract this and encourage the tests.

Just in time for World AIDS Day, Aidshilfe Vorarlberg draws attention to HIV with posters saying "kiss me dear". Thus, unwarranted but still existing contact concerns should be addressed.

the world of celebration kisses me

Aidshilfe Vorarlberg

Contagion by the ignorant

The AIDS problem has lost some of its relevance to the general public in recent years – but there are still new infections: Eleven people in Vorarlberg have been diagnosed with HIV last year – about the same number as in previous years.

AIDS in Vorarlberg

  • Positive test until December 2017: 454 people
  • Infections recently discovered in 2017: 11 people (2016: 14)
  • Up to now suffers from AIDS: 146 people
  • Of these, 78 people died

Aids-Hilfe wants to educate people and encourage them to test them to detect a possible HIV infection as soon as possible. Approximately 40% of those infected receive late diagnosis, according to Aidshilfe-Vorarlberg Meat Director. Thus, the virus is still often transmitted by people who know nothing about their infection. Ignoring an infection also has many disadvantages for those affected – because a very good course of the disease can be ensured, especially through an early medication. It would be a challenge to get to this group of ignorants.

European Week of HIV Testing and Hepatitis:

  • When: November 23 – 23, 2018
  • What: Free fast tests
  • Yearly offer: Tue and Thu between 17.00 and 17.00
  • Where: The Counseling Center from
    SIDA Relief Vorarlberg, Kaspar-Hagen-Straße 5, I. Stock, 6900 Bregenz
  • More information: Aidshilfe Vorarlberg

150 self-tests sold in pharmacies

The tests can be done anonymously and free twice a week at Aidshilfe Vorarlberg. Starting in the summer, you can also buy self-tests at pharmacies. Since then, around 150 have been sold in Vorarlberg.

Currently, Vorarlberger Aidshilfe targets 120 people – 70 of them on a regular basis. Among them is a child at the age of eleven, in which the virus was transmitted at birth. The oldest client of Aidshilfe Vorarlberg is 78 years old. The purpose of care is to preserve health and develop new professional perspectives, so meat.

Activities around the World AIDS Day

On Wednesday, technical information will be presented with Mattias Gerschwitz in the Dornbirn public library on "Open or Secret: HIV Treating". The start is at 19:00

Next week to the beginning of December, so-called "leisure boxes" will be set up in about 25 restaurants and tobacco: they will be filled with condoms, matches and glucose.


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