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All information about the new BMW 8 Series Convertible (2019)


BMW presents at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show (November 30) near the world premiere of the M340i and X7. More specifically, this is the open version of the new 8 Series, which is a coupe from the beginning of November to local dealers. The new 8 Series Convertible will be available on the market in March 2019. It will start with the new Z4 in the next convertible version at the same time. Currently there are no surprises in the unit. Like the coupe, it will also be the convertible for launch on the market with two engines. The gasoline engine of the M850i ​​xDrive convertible brings it to 530 hp, the 320 hp diesel engine records the name of the 840d xDrive Cabriolet. Later, there will also be an open M8 that will offer over 600 hp in the closed version.

BMW-8-convertible-960-off3.jpg© BMW Group

Design and top

After BMW showed some Erlkönig photos from the final test phase, once again, it was first revealed in the series of 4.85 meters in length, 1.90 meters in width and 1.34 meters in height. A dynamic stretch line and a classic textile top feature the look of four open spaces. The electric drive of the convertible bonnet, which can be activated while driving at speeds of up to 50 km / h, allows an automatic opening and closing of 15 seconds each. When closed, the top provides a sporting line after opening a stretched silhouette. The luggage compartment volume is 350 liters open and closed. In addition, there is a loading function with a 50:50 divisible, foldable backrest. Adaptive LEDs and LED headlamps are standard. Optionally, BMW even offers laser light. While the front part differs a lot from the coupe, the rear of the cabrio is slightly more discreet. So there is a more elegant speaker and a less jagged apron. For the pleasure of driving with two-door doors, the interior design should also contribute. The dashboard, door railings, shoulder areas in the background area, and top cabin compartment lid surround the occupants of the four seats. As standard, the 8 Series Cabriolet is equipped with a roll-over protection system and a wind deflector, with optional heaters integrated into the front headrests and a winter comfort package including steering wheel heating. The standard version of the soft top is in black, optional is available in the silver anthracite effect to choose from.

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As mentioned above, two engines are available for launch – a V8 petrol engine and a six-cylinder diesel engine. Both versions of the engine comply with the Euro 6d-Temp emission standard. Power is transmitted via an 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission to the xDrive. So equipped, the petrol engine of 530 hp and 750 Nm sprints at 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds. Diesel equally strong (320 hp / 680 Nm) takes the standard sprint of only 5.2 seconds. Maximum speed is 250 km / h. When used, the engine plays a great role. He should be satisfied with 5.9 liters per 100 km, while the gasoline engine shakes at least 9.9 liters of fuel by injectors every 100 km.

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We already know the cabin from the closed brother. Like the Coupé, the new "Live Cockpit Professional," consisting of two large displays, is also available in the 8 Series. Behind the wheel is the 12.3-inch digital cluster that the driver can adapt to personal needs. The new screen, graphically enhanced and equipped with a larger projection screen, equipped with a head display, is also included as standard. Designers use the 8th Series on a vertical cabin layout. The center is the 10.25 inch touchscreen that is embedded in the center console at an ideal viewing height. Above are commands for air conditioning, radio and ventilation nozzles. The large central tunnel includes the automatic selection lever, the iDrive button and other buttons for program selection, parking brake, etc. Moreover, the multifunction steering wheel, voice input or gesture control are available for control. And no extra charge. In addition, the new digital assistant ("Hey BMW") is also available for the four-seater model. How this works, you can read here. Updates will be available "in the air" in the future. Customers no longer have to lead to the workshop for new software features. Standard equipment is extremely luxurious for a BMW. But this must be the case in the light of prices. Important choices include: ventilated massage chairs, various optical packages, high quality leather appointments, the display key (see below) or a Bowers & Wilkins sound system.

BMW-8-convertible-960-off2.jpg© BMW Group

Network and support systems

However, BMW does nothing about connectivity. As with the X7, X5, 3 and Z4 models, the new "open" 8-inch operating system, which should distract less during driving, is used. In addition to the USB 2.0 and USB-C ports, such as Bluetooth and WLAN, Apple CarPlay is also integrated into the unmanned board system The infotainment is updated via the standard unlimited data SIM card The navigation system is able to learn and run applications without a smartphone connection (Mobile phones) (iPhone, Apple Watch, Android and smartwatch phones, Alexa and Google Home devices), and offers software office in-car with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business.This way emails can be viewed, read aloud, dic and send new messages by entering the voice, or the appointment calendar can be organized. If you decide to use the digital key and install the BMW smartphone on your mobile phone, you can even open and close the car doors. In addition, there is another gag that can impress travelers: who puts a compatible smartphone in 8er's inductive charging area, maybe even start the engine with it. The 360 ​​degree global view of the optional back-up camera is also displayed on your smartphone if you want. Of course, there are numerous support systems for the 8 Series Convertible. In addition to intelligent assistants for a partially autonomous driving, it is above all night vision and fully automatic parking assistance.

BMW-8-convertible-960-off.jpg© BMW Group


The new 8 Series Convertible will be available in stores in March 2019. BMW has not yet revealed prices. They could be around 8,000 euros above the coupe. Here are starting prices from 112,200 euros (840d) and 145,950 euros (M850i).

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