Friday , January 27 2023

Android 10 & # 39; Q & # 39; becomes the top function


Although Android 9 "Pie" will only be available for a handful of smartphones, it will not take long before Google offers its first official prospects for this year's mobile operating system. In recent years it has always been in March. A few weeks before the announcement promised, promising info about Android 10 "Q" leaked.

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"Dark Mode"

According to the Android police, Google wants for the first time to equip its mobile operating system with a "dark way" for the entire system, which is popular for virtually all software developers and application developers and will be integrated with WhatsApp this year. Messenger, the launch is already officially confirmed.

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For all pre-installed applications by Google

According to the report, Google is implementing a dark theme on Android 10 "Q", which should be available for all preloaded apps. This would be the dark fashion u.a. applicable on Google Maps, Duo, Drive, YouTube, or Gmail. Dark mode must not only be activated separately for each application. It should also be enabled for all applications at the same time through system settings. Therefore, Google should allow users to choose how they want to handle the new feature. If you do not want to use Dark Mode, you can leave it completely disabled.

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Two key benefits

Dark mode offers several advantages. On the one hand, this greatly improves the smartphone's battery. Since Google programs counts the most used apps on many Android mobile phones, running time is likely to expand significantly on millions of devices. Especially smart phones with OLED displays benefit here. Because it basically consumes no energy when displaying black backgrounds. In addition, dark mode offers another advantage. As the display fades so little and the so-called blue light is minimized by the missing white areas, this mode also saves the eyes. In addition, users can fall asleep when they check their smartphone again in front of the bed.


What Google candy name is considering for its operating system this time, of course, eagerly awaited the fanbase. It is clear that the additional designation starts this year with a "Q".

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