Monday , August 15 2022

Animal Act in Landtag –


Two topics will be the focus of today's Vienna Landtag session: it will vote on the tightening of the Vienna Welfare Act presented yesterday and the changes to building regulations.

Tightening animal welfare law affects all dog owners: Any person who acquires a dog in Vienna after July 1, 2019 must complete a course and provide a certificate of competence. According to the municipal councilor responsible for Ulli Sima (SPÖ), this ensures that people, before buying a dog, find out what this means – more about this in compulsory courses for all dog owners.

FPÖ protests ahead of parliamentary session

The FPÖ in Vienna announced a protest in front of the Mayor's office on Thursday morning and will make proposals for a parliamentary initiative. According to Udo Guggenbichler, spokesperson for animal protection at the FPÖ in Vienna, attempts should be made to "hinder the unexplained law". The FPÖ also wants to request a roll-call vote and promises, according to Guggenbichler, "a heated debate."

The protest against stiffening came Wednesday at the Vienna Animal Welfare Association. "Start-up legislation is never good. In particular, not when animal welfare associations that shelter animal shelters, it demands for years and calls for the ultimate implementation of changes to animals to the detriment of owners of irresponsible dogs, "said Madeleine Petrovic, president of the Vienna Welfare Association (WTV).

Vote construction rules

Also on the agenda of the parliamentary meeting is amendment 2018 on the Building Code, which provides for a dedicated category dedicated to subsidized housing. Practically, this category should apply to any re-education from an area of ​​5,000 square meters. "Almost whenever possible about 50 or more apartments," explained Christoph Chorherr, spokesman for planning for the Greens in Vienna in early November – more in terms of residential construction: Two-thirds must be supported .

According to the city government, the category should help against speculation with the earth. Opposition parties have already announced before the parliamentary session that they will not vote. It is probably discussed at the current time, which is being introduced on Thursday by the ÖVP club. The theme "Affordable housing: more justice, more apartments, more housing subsidized housing in Vienna!".

Survey on Campaign Costs and Child Welfare

The parliamentary session starts with an hour. The governor of the province of Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) and the local councilors answer, inter alia, questions on issues related to higher campaign costs, the law on grants for art and culture, and responsibility for the well-being of children and young people.

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