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AUA turns its back on Linz: Early flights to Germany shake


AUA turns its back on Linz: Early flights to Germany shake

Vienna / LINZ. Now the last AUA machine is withdrawn. 40 jobs in Linz have disappeared.

AUA turns its back on Linz: Early flights to Germany shake

This image will soon be a thing of the past. AUA is no longer flying from Linz. It withdraws from all federal airports. picture:

Under the short name "Strategy", Austrian Airlines invited a press conference in Vienna on Thursday. Industry observers, who were already angry, were confirmed. AUA announced full withdrawal from federal states in line business. This should be implemented over the next two years.

This development has already become evident in Linz. In autumn, the daily connection between Linz and Vienna was canceled. Now, the Lufthansa branch is withdrawing from the last car left in Linz. Those turbo-propellers that covered Linz-Dusseldorf. AUA chief Alexis von Hoensbroech justifies the group's decision: "Our airline company Eurowings is located in Dusseldorf, where flights can be better handled."

This also means that the crew will be removed from Linz. 40 employees are affected. You are offered to move to Vienna.

However, the direction in Germany could become a problem for Linz Airport. For that, if no exchange car is stationed by Eurowings or Lufthansa in Linz. This would mean that current flights, which are mostly frequented by business travelers, could not take place in this form.

Norbert Draskovits CEO Airport expects clarity in the coming weeks. But he is confident in the OÖN conversation: "I do not expect negative effects. We already have discussions with Eurowings." It is a secret secret that the Linz-Düsseldorf connection is among the most profitable within the Lufthansa Group. AUA chief Hoensbroech confirmed yesterday: "Flights from Linz to Germany are going well, why should Lufthansa hire them?"

The reorientation of the AUA affects not only Linz-Hörsching but also the regional airports in Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Altenrhein. In total, 200 jobs will be reduced to federal states.

The strong wind in Vienna

The reasons for reorienting AUA are, on the one hand, increasing competition from low-cost airlines in Vienna. On the other hand, there are Lufthansa's economic requirements. AUA needs to become more profitable. The airline yields a 4.6% yield, Hoensbroech says: "We will increase this value, but it is not in the short term." At present, investments amounting to 200 million euros are planned. The company wants to buy for the middle distance ten used aircraft. In total, it is expected that the Vienna offer will increase by ten percent. (Sd / crane)

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