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Serious traffic accidents on the Krottendorf road (B 70). Deployment is ongoing, the road closed for all traffic.

of Katharina Siuka | 12:31, November 26, 2018

The Red Cross rescue team, the fire brigade and the police are in action © Red Cross / Robert Thormann

B70, the Krottendorf bypass, was shut down at 9:30 am this Monday after a fatal traffic accident. That confirms this Voitsberg Road Maintenance Company on demand. Consequently, the traffic on the old B 70 (Krottendorf-Gaisfeld) was redirected. "In short, about around 12:40, we are expected to go again in both directions release"say Hans Peter Sturmann, Deputy Commander of The Gaisfeld Fire Department.

Emergency physician in action

According to the first information from The Red Cross Voitsberg-Köflach Around 9:25 hours, a truck and a car collided forward about 100 meters in front of the Kremser roundabout: one person suffered fatal injuries and a second person remained innocent.

Forces, including The Gaisfeld Fire Department. Krottendorf and Köppling and Voitsberg as well as officials within the Krottendorf police, are currently in use at the time of the accident. The Red Cross Voitsberg-Köflach is with an ambulance and an ambulance at the scene of the accident.

For the fire brigades, which are totally about 24 companions in action, rescuing the 40-ton semitrailer is difficult: after collapsing, it crashed first in the railing, then in a dike.

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