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Bundesliga: Rapids problems are getting bigger


For quick coach Dietmar Kühbauer was for the fifth a competitive defeat. In addition, there are two wins and each draws – a mixed record. The top-ranked top six after 22 tours becomes a mammoth task. "I am also aware of the fact that it is not a pleasant situation, but it would be bad if you say now that you put your hat on it," he said, aged 47.

The league is waiting until the winter break still Innsbruck, the storm and the derby against Austria, due to the quasi start position during the finals. "This can be a great motivation and inspiration, because many get us out, but we can still turn the thing," said Richard Strebinger. Rapid still believes in a place in the high playoff. "There is nothing else in my head," says Strebinger.

LASK defeats Rapid 1-0

In the 15th round of the Bundesliga, LASK won 1-0 at Rapid and thus aggravated the Hütteldorfern crisis. Linzer remains the first leading player in the Red Bull Salzburg championship.

Problems of performance and injury

But there must be growth behind. "They also played the game in the second half and we did not manage to perform like that," Kühbauer said. A problem that goes through the season, half good time has been a few times too few. "I do not understand. We always talk about it, but we can not disable it," said Thomas Murg. With mistakes you made your opponent strong. "In general, it was not enough," said the offensive player.

Problems related to injury make the situation in front of the Europa League duel in Moscow on Thursday not be easier. Forward Andrija Pavlovic has given up the adductor problems, the only one who came back from a long break that Christopher Dibon had due to the problems of the thighs in the field. The Duo will lose the game against Spartak. Kühbauer does not want to die. "The situation is so, we have to live with it," said the coach, who attributed the lesions "the burden that is not the smallest."

Schobesberger as a ray of hope

Apart from problems, there were also positive ones. Among them was the return of Philipp Schobesberger in the first eleven. "He was the player you felt he was most likely to hurt you. I am very happy to have returned," Kühbauer said. After changing the parts, the 24-year-old man dismantled, after 72 minutes, finished for him. "He is an excellent player with the craving mentality we need now," Murg said.

Already Thursday, Vienna has a new chance in the European Cup. "We have to let the game and look ahead," Kühbauer said before the route. According to Murg, we need to work more on training. "Everyone has to put on an Alzerl, maybe we can get out of the box," said the 24-year-old.

LASK removes "ruthless game"

The undefined Linzer for five games, however, strolled on the new cloud. Playing in the higher play seems almost safe after the second victory in a row. "We want to move in the championship round, whether the second, third or fourth does not matter today," LASK coach Oliver Glasner said. The emphasis is on the continuous improvement of the players.

The effect of this season has grown enormously. This was also recognized by Rapid-Portar Strebinger. "They believe in themselves and in their gaming idea, and we always only come to a failure, which is why LASK is so clear in front of us." Linzer would have from individual players a similar quality to team like Rapid. "Only they always play their game mercilessly, no matter what," Strebinger said.

"A great day" for LASK

That is, above all, Glasner's merit. "From the experience we have gathered, we know that every team against us has problems when playing in the field," LASK coach said. His team also burst with self-confidence. The team is also characterized as working hard until it's over.

James Holland also discovered unimaginable qualities and scored against Rapid, the third goal of the season. "It's always nice to score, but I'm especially happy for the team," said the Australian. His goal established his first LASK Liga victory at Rapid on May 27, 2000. "It's a great day for us, great thanks to the players for eradicating this mess," said Glasner, for whom including an active career was the first victory of to Rapid.

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