Friday , September 30 2022

Cyber ​​Monday generates record sales in the US


Washington. In the United States, consumers have ordered so much on the Internet on Cyber ​​Monday at a special rate than ever. Monday after Thanksgiving reached record sales of 7.9 billion dollars (6.95 billion euros), said the researchers from Adobe Analytics.

Millions of shoppers in Internet shops have been locked up with real or presumed bargains, ranging from Lego bricks to large-screen TVs. Three hours this month brought as many on-line sales as another day, said adobe digital expert Taylor Schreiner. Commercial giants such as Target Corp and fueled orders with free deliveries regardless of the order value and a hint of promotional emails. Approximately 75 million consumers are considered to be negotiated in the United States.

Especially toys were blows, according to Adobe experts. Here are the biggest price cuts.

Trade experts have also warned against the dark side of the discount battle. For traditional traders, the network's competitive pressure could lead to a fall in profits and, ultimately, to the end, warned Retail Retail Master Bob Phibbs, head of Retail Retail.

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