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Fallout 76: Bethesda leads a series of kicks in front of the wall


Since the first Fallout, the post-apocalyptic role-playing games of the series have been widely appreciated by the public, whether Interplay or Fallout 3, Bethesda is behind the development. With the latest descendant of the series, however, Spieleschmiede from the same place in the American state of Maryland, but outside the trail knocked off. Fallout 76, the online multiplayer game, has been broken by professional players and critics since its launch just over a week ago. The Metacritic Review Aggregator now displays 55 out of 100 possible points; in the player's reviews is even 2.9 out of 10 – so far an inconceivable fate for the player's beloved Fallout series.

already when he played the online role-playing game beta it was also obvious for heise online that the concept of multiplayer bursting this way does not work. The peer ratings of the releases relevant to the games correspond to the main ones. While some colleagues continue to retain ratings – they probably hope that manufacturers need the necessary patches – others are already making convictions. Fallout 76 keeps the "enough" grade and scores under 60, up to 70 points. For a multiplatform game with the full price, with the great name of a renowned developer, a total rarity.

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After nearly a dozen hours in post-apocalyptic West Virginia, one is inclined to answer this question clearly with "yes". Although Fallout 76 offers a giant world of play, which is, as usual in Fallout titles, elaborated to the smallest detail and surprisingly varied, that is, but then already. From a graphical and playful point of view, the Fallout 76 is almost identical to Fallout 4, which is now aging. And all the changes made by Bethesda were obviously not good. The courageous decision not to build non-player characters (NPCs) so that all the living people you meet are real-world players do not appear and lead to frustration and boredom. Especially if you're an old veteran trying to play the story alone.

The fact that all players' microphones are turned on permanently until they are turned off manually does not lead to more communication but to the fact that no one else talks to other players. Who wants to hear the relationship conflict of a couple from the other side of the world, if you still choose the character's hairstyle? This can only lead to the fact that the first official act in this game is to cancel voicemail. But without any other way to deal with other players, the world of Fallout 76 is populated only by dull robots and dead prisoners, except for ordinary monsters that shoot you head for too long at a computer The terminal is located and reads storytelling . That can not tell a story so exciting, it's clear. And the story, the thriving world and exploration were just what made Fallout games out of the puzzles of top-rated games so far.

Was. There have never been changes. Or maybe?

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Bethesda is particularly bitter, because Fallout 76 has to go to the throat and throat with open world giants such as Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2 due to the launch date. Both games have set new standards in the open world, each in their own way. Fallout 76, with its radical changes to the Fallout principle, sought to achieve similar success but failed inappropriately in direct comparison. From a technical point of view, Bethesda RPG can not compete. In spite of the polished effects of the field depth, the engine provides an overview that becomes quite old. Rocket's RAGE engine, EA Eraser and AnvilNext at Ubisoft provide better results through the bank. There are also some bugs. It's normal for video games to be bugs from launch, however, if you can not move your pawn for two minutes because the server is overloaded, this is a new dimension to failure. It goes without saying that players will be angry in such experiences.

Fallout fans are accustomed to a lot of suffering in this regard and probably would overcome many problems if the story of the game was correct or the many changes would represent at least a new and exciting game experience. The conclusion of many players on Metacritic (there are no Steam reviews because the game is not available on Steam) and many game journalists, however, is that the changes to the game principle on a lot of occupational therapy instead of interesting quits ends . However, since multiplayer experiences, such as player or survival, are too harmless or simply boring, they do not replace the loss of Fallout style dialogues, NPC friends and questlines for many players. What is a great world if it is populated only with dead or stupid vandals?

One wonders whether developers can save the concept of collapsed patches in retrospect. The Fallout 76 has already received a massive update before its actual appearance, which was even greater on the consoles than the original installation files. However, everything indicates that the drops have been subjected. Developers will probably have to resign to have an absolutely low point in a franchise, where so far every publication has been a smooth success. However, the opinion of most players seems to be clear: build a new engine and give us a fresh adventure, one-player thrill (maybe co-op mode) à to New Vegas 2 instead of always online multiplayer without NPCs and boring PvP.


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