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FIFA Infantino President wants to sell image rights


FIFA President Gianni Infantino plans a billions of dollars for the World Federation. As reported by "SZ" and "WDR," a special force is to take care of the introduction of a new football club and the League of Nations.

FIFA already has billions of marketing rights for the rights package for these two tournaments in the Far East.

The media says the sale of image rights would go even so far, so the package also sells the rights of the past and the future to the World Championships.

European resistance

This would have a financial consortium, whose name Infantino did not want to mention in its March 2018 attack, a significant impact on world football.

FIFA informed SZ and WDR that the media claim is an obsolete document, one of the hundreds of documents circulating within the World Federation.

Infantino wanted to push the agreement in spring at the FIFA Council. Due to the great skepticism of European officials, the decision was initially postponed and a working team was set up at the Kigali Council meeting in October.

According to media reports, the package includes digital and archive rights, movies and videos, satellite and network broadcasts, merchandising and gaming rights, every high-definition and 3-D production, computer games, all virtual formats and any other format that is still around the world is being developed. "

Decision in March

According to the information provided by "SZ" and "WDR", the new dangerous partner should be British investment consultants with close contacts with Saudi Arabia.

For the first time, the group discussed with the representatives of the World Association and the six confederations during a phone conference about the feasibility of the new competitions.

Until the next meeting of the FIFA Council in Miami in March, the group will examine the possibilities of launching the 24-Club World Cup and a cross-continental tournament. It is limited in the evaluation, but on sports. Monetary issues are not discussed. The next meeting is scheduled for December in Paris.

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