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Goldgruber did not inform Kardeis of a raid on DiePresse.com

The parliamentary inquiry commission on the Federal Office for the Protection of Constitution and Terror (BVT) business reached its provisional maximum: Tuesday morning, Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) was interviewed in the afternoon, Michaela Kardeis, Public Security.

The opposition considers Kickl to be responsible for the controversial and partially illegal raid in the BVT, and resignations have been strong. Kickle himself has not commented on his allegations before, but in special parliamentary sessions he justified his work and suggested that the opposition acts as a "conspiracy theorist."

"I did not send Goldgruber to WKStA"

U Kickl has denied any responsibility on Tuesday. He said he did not know all the actions of his employees. For the problems that the media had "excessive reporting" to the cause and to the oldest complaints from BAT. However, the opposition attempted to show that Kickl had responded incorrectly to parliamentary questions – he claimed he was not responsible for answering: his staff would take care of him.

Kickl also did not want to have compiled an anonymous author of alleged abuses in BAT by his Secretary-General, Peter Goldgruber, at the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's Office (WKStA): "We did not send Peter Goldgruber to WKStA ". At that moment he was new to the ministry – and he had other things to do. From the "pressure of the investigation," Goldgrubers' supposed employee, Udo Lett, knew nothing. Because: He considers himself responsible for the "political" activity of the ministry – the rest will be taken over by officials.

Kickl, who recently responded rather emotionally to parliamentary questions in the answer to the questionnaire and received formal appeals, remained quiet in the committee for a long time. By the end of his interrogation, he asked Members questions – in such a fierce state that Doris Bureş (SPÖ) chairman interrupted the meeting.

Amon once asked

Spicy: In addition to the opposition, ÖVP Werner Amon has repeatedly criticized the role of the Interior Ministry and recently accused him of a "rough approach." In the subcommittee today, Amon did not ask Kickl questions – "for tactical reasons," he explained. Amon did not return to the last round of questions – for a brief question about the information policy between Goldgruber and the minister.

Kardeis, who is the general manager of BVT, said he only learned in March that Goldgruber was aware of the raid. In a phone call with Kardeis during the Goldgruber raid surprised and asked them the reasons for the raid – or their suspicions. She was "angry" that Goldgruber had hidden her knowledge and, on the other hand, was not reportable, Kardeis said.

The FPÖ is a subject for partner services

Unlike the head of the BVT Gridling, Kardeis could not remember that he asked Goldgruber the names of investigators hidden in the right-wing extremism. However, she recalled that she had spoken with Goldgruber about the alleged BAT investigations in Causa Germany – the Secretary-General can not do so. These investigations have not been demonstrated, as Kardeis Gridling requested. Witnesses mentioned the investigation.

Kardeis confirmed that there is room for discussion abroad after the BVT business with partner services: "Trust is a problem." But because of a 2017 spy case, the house searches for documents collection from partner services and allegedly problematic connections to the FPÖ, there has always been a need for information. Basically, one has never been cut off: "There has always been cooperation." The Director-General just wanted to discuss more details in a confidential meeting. Otherwise, she was not so silent, but she usually responded exaggeratedly: "I hope they do not look like a gossip."

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