Tuesday , January 19 2021

Launch of season 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Play by Day: Launch of Season 2 Patriot on Amazon Prime Video

Poster for the second season of "Patriot" (c) Amazon Prime Video

Today begins the second season of the Patriot political drama on Amazon Prime Video. In the following episodes, John has to go undercover to get information on a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Friday, November 9, the Patriot series returns to Amazon Prime Video after a long absence with the second season.

The "patriot"It's about two different brothers: one, a folk singer who is spinning, the other one a senator, often cynical, American. But John (Dorman) is not just a musician but also an agent, and his last the mission is Iran and the nuclear agreement. Unfortunately, he goes undercover in a medium-sized company over which the business trip can get information.

The question John Tavner has to ask at the beginning of the second season: can he leave John Lakeman behind and save himself? John must decide on the platform if he wants to get rid of his obligations and opponents by taking money from or after Agethe (Aliette Opheim), which may be a risk to him, but his brother, his father and that could save land. His father, meanwhile, has another way out: tracking and killing Calle Walley (Jay Abdo) in Paris.

Whether there will be a third season, it is not clear yet, especially because too much time has passed between the squadrons and some contracts have expired. Dorman took on a role in the new series for All Mankind.

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