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Many contradictions of Kickl's secretary,


Their names appear 56 times in the chief prosecutor's journal: Peter Goldgruber and Udo Lett. Internal Affairs Secretary General and Staff of the Interior Ministry, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ), are considered key actors in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Corruption (BVT) case. Secretary-General Goldgruber and Lett-expert expert will today answer questions from Members of the parliamentary inquiry commission.

Minister Kickl vehemently denies that this was a raid on BVT he ordered, that there was pressure to investigate the political influence of prosecutor Ursula Schmudermayer. The steps of Goldgruber and Letts, two high-ranking Kickl employees, meanwhile, go through all the cause, which is why their query is considered a climax of the U. Committee. Kickl himself will be interviewed on November 27.

Earlier interviews with witnesses from the U Committee have shown the important role of Goldgruber and Letts. Goldgruber was the contact point for people in the BVT who complained about a working environment that they considered unsustainable (you can read the statements of those affected in the U committee here) and was in close touch with Schmudermayer; Lett even accompanied the respondents to the prosecutor's office – and asked Schmudermayer about the possibility of arrest and telephone surveillance by BVT staff. The prosecutor also recorded Letts' time pressures.

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Goldgruber's study then revealed a little informative. The Secretary General has often said that he only communicated things orally; Many things were not "recalled" during the investigation. He also made some statements in the U Committee that contradicted the statements of some other witnesses or documents.

Meanwhile, another issue was published in a report by the weekly newspaper Falter. He listed the inquiries about fraternity investigations, which Goldgruber apparently addressed to BVT chief Peter Gridling – and about which a memo file exists. Goldgruber denied having asked Gridling undercover investigators in the field of right-wing extremism. Peter Pilz from the list of the same name now wants to show them because of false testimonies.

Think about EGS

It was not about the federal search for house searches in the BVT, but the working group led by an FPÖ official against street crime, short EGS – an unusual decision for which Goldgruber was responsible – has repeatedly been the subject of the U committee Goldgruber admitted that he had actually introduced Preiszler to the prosecutor as "head of the EGS," which is not correct; why did this, and why Pricezler did not contradict this, Goldgruber did not answer.

Even Lett could not remember much: he often said that the events had taken place ten months ago-his meetings with the first witnesses, or talks with Goldgruber and the prosecutor. He was unable to explain why some MEPs in the Interior Ministry were mistaken or incomplete, although he was accountable. SPO MP Jan Krainer slipped a "Joke". ÖVP leader Werner Amon concluded that "Gansl" would be "slowly crunchy".

In fact, Goldgruber and Lett almost did not appear in the U committee: They apologized for the appointment on November 6 in mid-September – they were here on a business trip, there was a meeting in The United States in which they were to participate. However, the date in the US takes place only on November 8 and 9, the opposition doubted the excuse – Goldgruber and Lett finally agreed to come to the U Committee on 6 November.

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