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Mobile neck and SMS thumb "


"Digital paralysis" is the new keyword surrounding (school), headache, and smartphone neck. How to Counter.

14:32, November 6, 2018

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On average, young people use their smartphone or tablet for more than two hours a day. Children often use an additional games console. The special position – the head is tilted to the front – leads to neck tension, neck pain and, finally, headaches and back pains. Why? "In this position, the vertebral column of the spine hangs in the ligaments, overloading it and overloading it with chronic irritation, leading to headaches, neck and back pain," explains Ronald Dorotka, a specialist in orthopedic and orthopedic surgery. As an amplifier, it would add the associated lack of motion and the absence of sunlight – both very important for the development of a tough bone and a natural resistance.

The back is tough

Background: Our head weighs an average of four to six pounds. If it is bent forward by about 15 degrees, an extra 13 kilograms will work on the back. The lower the head, the more it is loaded. If you look at your mobile device, your head has often dropped 45 degrees. In this case, forces over 20 kilograms work on the back. In this position, the cervical spine should counteract a great force. The ligaments are stretched constantly, the muscles are tense, the area can not be well supplied with blood.

Of course, it is not new as the back is tense incorrectly. Often, people complain about the back problems that stay a few hours a day at the office. "From office or mobile device: It's important to change your position from time to time to prevent back problems," doctors agree.

Best Tips for a Healthy Back:

1. Relaxation exercises: For example, move your head from right to left and lower your ear to each shoulder until you feel the pull on the cervical spine. Push your head up and pull your shoulders down.

2. Lay down your eyes instead of your head: Bring the mobile devices closer to the front and reduce the eyes than the head and neck. Check the posture again and correct it if necessary.

The third movement, move! To strengthen your muscles, do sports at least once or twice a week and incorporate exercises into your everyday life, for example: stairs instead of lifts!

Thumb pain

The intense messaging on the smartphone meanwhile leads to a problem known as "SMS thumb". Constant typing is a repeated pressure on your fingers. A possible consequence is an inflammation of the tendon leading from the thumb to the forearm. Inflammation is visible by stabbing or pulling pain. These occur during gripping, pushing and maintaining thumb movements and leading to movement restrictions. Complaints can not only be felt at the level of the thumb but also radiated along the tendon in the forearm. Inflamed tendons are often palpable as hardened and heated swelling and are extremely sensitive to pressure.


After consultation with the physician, stretching and strengthening exercises can be performed. In addition, some patients find pleasing local heating or refrigeration applications. They promote blood circulation and thus accelerate metabolism in the affected area. You can do this by heating a cherry stone pillow or by placing a cooling pad wrapped in a cloth over the inflamed area.

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