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Peter Moore doesn’t see Ultimate Team as a game of chance


Peter Moore, who has long been part of Electronic Arts’ management team and has been CEO of Liverpool FC since 2017, has now joined discussions about the mechanics of gambling at the FIFA Ultimate Team. In an interview with, he can understand that the loot boxes and the mechanics behind them are examined more closely, but he sees the FIFA book package still far from the classic “gambling”. He points out, among other things, that the Ultimate Team concept is based on trading books for cigarette packs, which have delighted sports fans since 1920 and have been a part of them ever since. Lucky bags that are filled with randomly assembled toys and sweets are, in principle, no different to him.

“People loved that”
, so Moore. “I think this uncertainty and ‘what do I get? “And then Bang, Ronaldo or Messi are – it’s a wonderful thing.”

Moore also points out that you always get a player when you open a card in the Ultimate Team. Unlike gambling, you always get an equivalent value.

“This is a personal vision, but the concept of surprise and pleasure versus gambling – the two are very far apart”
, Moore continues. “You buy or grind a package of gold, open it or either you’re happy or you think it was a package of shit. I don’t see this as a gamble in itself – but again, that’s my personal perspective. from the outside. “

“I understand why you should keep an eye on him. And I understand that looting houses outside of sports – yes, I mean another EA title in particular – are being watched very carefully and receiving a lot of criticism.”
, says Moore, which refers quite clearly to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 lootbox fiasco. “She gave up. One thing they’ve always been good at is getting feedback and then realizing, “You know what, we better not have done that” or “It was a wrong decision because I wasn’t in the first place I thought to the player “then turn around and make a different decision.”

Above all, according to Moore, you should check if the players like the mechanics. Given EA’s sales with Ultimate Team, players speak clear language packs of cards, whether they like the approach or not. In the last fiscal year, the publisher earned nearly $ 1.5 billion with Ultimate Team alone.

“The numbers speak for themselves”
says Moore. “If you play it, you really like it. One of the few Ultimate Team complaints of my time at EA came about because of server downtime because people couldn’t play and open their packs of cards at that time. . “

In places like Belgium or Niederladen, you see things a little differently: here Fifa Ultimate Team has already been classified as a game of chance and also in other nations, people are now looking more closely at how to deal with these mechanics and boxes of prey in general.

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