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Prince Philip involved in a car accident «kleinezeitung.at


Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, was involved in a car accident at a British resort in Royals.

20:39, January 17, 2019

Prince Philip © (c) AP (Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Prince Philip survived a car accident in England. Queen's husband, 97 years old Elizabeth II. (92 years old) stood in the afternoon driving, said Buckingham Palace in London. Philip did not suffer injuries in an accident with another vehicle near Manring Sandringham, as a spokesman for the palace confirmed.

Philip is not in the hospital. The original palace did not name any other details. British News Sky News said it was a "minor collision". The photos showed a car on its side. It should be in line with Sky News at the Philips car. Another car was standing by the side of the road.

At the scene of the accident Photo © (c) AP (Sam Russell)

The British royal couple spends their time around the year in their traditional way in Sandringham, East English County, Norfolk. There, the royalists also celebrate Christmas and New Years. The two are very good for old age. Last autumn, they were seen traveling together: they were on the horse and was on the box.

There were 22,219 official appointments

Philip retired in 2017. Since then he is rarely seen in public. Participation in his grandchildren's weddings bare (34) and princess Eugenics (28) Last year, however, he did not escape. Since the Queen joined the throne in 1952, Philip reported 22,219 official appointments, according to media reports.

His latest official appearance was at a Royal Navy military parade in August 2017, in front of Buckingham Palace. A backdoor kept "Philip Pensioner", but open: as an occasional companion of Queen on the data.

At 96, the new hip joint

In recent years, Philip suffered from health problems: his heart bothered him, had bladder infections, had to be operated on his hands, and received a new hip joint at 96. But that did not stop him from driving.

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