Friday , March 31 2023

Scrubs: Could it be a reboot?


Undoubtedly, "Scrubs – The Beginners" is one of the most successful and popular sitcoms in the 2000s. No wonder there has always been rumors about a possible remake, reboot or even a sequel.
Zach Braff
(43), who at that time was the main character of J.D. played, now heated the rumor mill again on Twitter.

Zach Braff takes care of breathing

At the Los Angeles Eagle Festival, almost all of the main cast of the show was gathered. Braff posted a group image on Twitter, besides him, among others
Sarah Chalke
(42, Elliott),
Donald Faison
(44, Turk) and John C. McGinley (59, dr. Cox). He asked badly: "Season 10?". It goes without saying that this would cause one or the other of his fans to fall into his throat.

But Bill Lawrence's (49) series maker gave high-temperature speculation a direct shock absorber, as the Deadline magazine reports. At the festival, he announced that although he would like to work again with the authors and actors, the series work was "the best moment of my life." But the reboot sometimes felt that it was fast money.

However, there are circumstances in which Lawrence would consider returning to the series – for example, if the entire crew, the authors or the actors came to him and all had no work and need money. A new series is probably out of the question. "If we ever do, it will be a little movie or something like that," explains Lawrence.

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