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Security Right: Bures Says Session – News


An external security officer, who was also in the Parliament service of the BVT investigation commission, should have close contacts with the right and neo-Nazi extremist scene, including the condemned neo-Nazi Gottfried Küssel. This led to research published by Standard on Friday.

Now different authorities blame each other. Second President of the National Council, Doris Bureş (SPÖ), who heads the BAT committee, convened a meeting of the presidents of the parliamentary group on Monday.

"No security check order"

The interior ministry on Saturday rejected the representation of the parliamentary directorate and private security firm G4S, where it is hired, that the security guard went through a review of the protection of the Constitution. There was no such request from the Parliament, said public safety director Michaela Kardeis.

Karl-Heinz Grundböck, Chair of the Parliamentary Directorate, had Ö1 Morgenjournal on Saturday overseeing the establishment of the deceased person because he was responsible for the audit of the security authorities and eventually for the Ministry of the Interior.

Kardeis, in turn, said that no security check was provided under the law on the Security Police, but only a background check under the Industrial Code.

President Bures convoked the meeting

Doris Bureş wants to discuss his cause and its effects in a joint meeting with the presidents of the presidency and the trial judge on Monday. "The BAT Investigation Commission needs to be informed immediately when the person was in the service of the BVT Investigation Commission, interviewed by those respondents on those days and if he actually had access to the press room", says a press release.

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