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Super germs like MRSA: Dead in Europe, because there are no antidotes – so protect yourself


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New figures show that resistant multi-drug germs are becoming more and more dangerous and cause 33,000 deaths per year in Europe – in this place they are the most dangerous.

Bacteria are not bad in themselves, our bodies really need them to keep the gastrointestinal flora or natural skin barrier. But there are germs that are dangerous for us: the so-called super germs in multi-jargon-resistant pathogens (MRE).

MRSA as the most dangerous pathogen – most antibiotics do not work

Only a few antibiotics – the most important antidotes to MRE – have activity against germs because they have developed resistance to antibiotics. Probably the best-known super-germ is MRSA – Staphylococcus aureus resistant to methicillin, also called germen hospital. Most pathogens are not effective in this pathogen, as reported by the German Medical Association portal and the Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung

Reports of deaths from MRSA infections in clinics have fueled anxiety in recent years – but what many do not know: For healthy people, contact with multidrug-resistant pathogens is completely safe. The immune system will easily cope with pathogens. It becomes problematic when a sick person in the hospital or in the nursing home becomes infected with MRE – with a weakened defense system, a multi-drug resistant germ can play an easy role and can result in pulmonary and cardiac inflammation and fatal poisoning of the blood.

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Therapy for super-germ infection: Researchers are looking for alternative antibiotics

The most important weapon against bacterial infections is currently antibiotics – because many antibiotics in resistant pathogens do not work, but they always go back to death. That is why doctors are looking for new antibacterial agents, including a German-French team of researchers, as the portal reported. Researchers have been successful and have discovered a so-called lipopeptide antibiotic that shows activity against bacteria resistant to several drugs and also MRSA germs. Until further use as a new drug, further investigations are necessary.

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Those who want to protect themselves and others from multi-drug-resistant pathogens should first of all regular washing of hands Eighth. This makes it difficult to spread germs.

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