Wednesday , May 31 2023

Surprising job cuts in US labor market – Politics –


140,000 jobs outside agriculture have been lost.

140,000 jobs outside agriculture have been lost.

Surprisingly, jobs in the US labor market fell by the end of 2020. In December, 140,000 jobs outside agriculture were lost, the government announced on Friday. Economists, on the other hand, expected a job increase of 71,000 – after a revision of 336,000 in November.

“The labor market situation remains tense. Politicians will not be able to avoid additional aid for the unemployed,” said banker Lampe economist Bastian Hepperle. As many jobs are also permanently lost due to the crown crisis, structural problems are solidifying. The unemployment rate determined in a separate survey in December remained at the previous month’s level of 6.7 percent. More than 22 million jobs were lost in the United States during the crisis, of which only about half were regained.

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