Friday , January 27 2023

The BAT committee lasts a month


Vienna. After an exciting week of interviews, the BVT's investigation commission took a break of almost four weeks and returned with excited witnesses on February 12th. The program includes the "political networks" research topics within the Ministry of the Interior and "data use" for former ÖH and Greens deputy speakers, Sigrid Maurer.

A long break in the committee came as the ÖVP and SPÖ are holding club meetings next week. Next week is the plenary of the National Council. The beginning of February is the semester's celebrations. Thus, the members of the committee meet only from 12 February. The first to be invited on this day is ÖH Georg Garstenauer's former spokesman.

The record data was not deleted properly

As in the case of lawyer Gabriel Lansky, in Maurer's case there is an obligation that the survey data should not be erased properly. The data in question comes from the moment when Green MEP was the Student Student Representative of Austria (ÖH). She and three of her colleagues then should testify in the committee as injured parties.

Maurer and her former ÖH colleagues have come under BVT's eyes because of an act of stumbling during the December 2010 budget debate at the National Council. Together with a dozen students, she caused a break in the meeting and were thrown and leaflets from visitors gallery.

The other two respondents on that day are Ria-Ursula P. and Sandra R. from BVT and the Ministry of the Interior, respectively. They are witnesses to the opposition and are questioned about the "political networks" in the department. Ria-Ursula P. is said to have benefited from blacklists in the committee.

On February 13, the head of the extremism department Sybille G. and the head of the BOD Peter Gridling are invited. This time, however, you are not asked about the subject of the house search, but about the Maurer case. On February 19, the former ÖH President is expected in Parliament.

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